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Fennel Apron

Fennel Apron

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For the woman who loves to create. Whether it be in a studio, her kitchen, her garden or out & about, Our fennel apron is a practical & beautiful kitchen staple. Wearing this apron, you will feel a relaxed elegance despite how dirty your hands may get.

When this apron goes on, it says productivity, it says creativity & it says style.

Made from 100% hemp linen - Organic Eco-Tex

Mid Length with adjustable back straps
Deep pockets on both sides

One size fits all.
Breast feeding and pregnancy friendly.

It's all in the detail:

Pockets: Gather flowers and food from your garden in our practical pockets.

Adjustable Straps : Designed to last.
Size inclusive - Pregnancy and Breastfeeding friendly - let our aprons grow with you. Our aprons are suitable for all.

Hypoallergenic Natural Fibres: Our aprons are made from natural fibres that do not require chemicals or pesticides. Hemp helps to fight the spread of bacteria, preventing skin irritations and it remains odour free for longer. Hemp is also hypoallergenic, ideal for all skin types

Easy Washing: Our 100% hemp aprons are machine washable in cold water.

Why Hemp Linen?  Aside from the environmental benefits that the production of hemp linen supports, there are many benefits to using hemp linen in the home and in the kitchen. Hemp linen is very comfortable in warm climates: it is naturally highly absorbent, meaning it can absorb a high percentage of its own weight in water without feeling wet. It is also highly breathable given the hollow core of the fibre.

Hemp linen is also considered to be a very long lasting fabric, although the length of its life will depend on a number of factors like the weight of the linen and also the way it is used and cared for.

A great choice for those conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, most pure hemp linen is simply designed so won’t date, can be used for years, and also is produced much more efficiently than other fabrics such as cotton, with very little water and pesticides.

Also available in our Mini&Me bundle. Or mix and match by simply purchasing one mini and one adult apron of your choice - your discount will be added automatically at checkout.



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