Our why

Elise Barnes, Fennel owner and creator
Designed responsibly in New Zealand, this Taranaki based mum of two draws inspiration from their core element ‘hemp’ the worlds most sustainable crop.

Fennel strives to be a fully sustainable and ethical business with the core focus of making mindful choices for you and your home. 

“We are committed to creating organic, sustainable homeware using only natural fibres. Our goal is to make effortless improvements to your home and living with little to no impact on our mother we call earth.”

With the use of clean lines and crisp details paired thoughtful and functional components, these timeless pieces are designed to be the building blocks for your sustainable home.
As a mother of two I am often thinking about what kind of future do I want to create but more importantly what environment do I want to leave for my Tamariki?
Fennel designs beautiful functional homeware pieces made from the world’s greatest carbon sink - Industrial Hemp.
We are on a mission to change New Zealand’s future for the better, with sustainable hemp textiles for you and your home!

Hoki koe | For you

The natural fibres of hemp not only help fight the spread of bacteria, which prevents skin conditions and irritations, but it remains odour free far longer than other fabrics (one of the many reasons we chose hemp for the kitchen). Hemp is nature’s strongest fibre, softening over time but ageing beyond its years. It will last generations with love and care.
It’s breathable on the skin, so good for those hot days wicking in moisture and staying mould free in damp situations.

Hemp is also hypoallergenic, so ideal for any skin types.

You won’t want to use anything else!

Mo to tatou whenua | For our Planet

With hemp being the fastest CO2 biomass tool available on Earth, it’s a no brainer to be using and growing more of it everywhere we can. It uses no harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, which kill thousands every year.

Hemp regenerates the earth, naturally fertilising it for healthy rich soils. It requires little amounts of water and grows 4-6m tall in a 4-month harvest cycle, which produces 4 times the amount of fibre to cotton on a per hectare basis.

Micro plastics from repeated washing of synthetic fabrics are polluting our waterways and climbing back up our food chains, thousands of micro plastics are shed from every cycle of washing. Hemp is fighting back against plastic water pollution and giving the eco-systems that inhabit these waters a better chance.

Hemp is environmentally ethical to produce.

We believe it is the future.


To tatou aha | Our why
Grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides
UV resistant and anti-electrostatic
Anti-bacterial and odour resistant
Thermostable and breathable
Harmless for your body and harmless for the environment
Organic content standard (OCS) certified
Fair-wear Foundation Certified

Our Fabrics


GOTS certified