Meet Jane - Food Producer

Meet Jane - Food Producer

Introducing Jane Rangiwahia - Food Producer, stylist, writer & Mum

Introducing our beautiful friend of fennel. Jane is an amazing human, she has been a constant source of inspiration for fennel. Our special mothers day release is featuring a design with Jane in mind. A busy mum, wife & friend who is currently working around the clock as the food producer for the hit TV show “Eat Well for Less”. Jane needed something functional and stylish where ease of movement is key. The Jane apron is a fresh take on traditional apron styles, suitable for fast-paced environments.

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We were lucky enough to talk to Jane about being a single working mum, the highs and lows and all the magic in between.

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing, I feel so lucky to surround myself with positive, encouraging bass ass mamas like Jane.



What do you love most about motherhood?

What I love most about the motherhood is that we get the chance to guide incredible humans (our babies) to be the best they can be; we only learn this though from our own mothers and other peoples mothers we’ve looked up to. We as mothers don’t always get it right and constantly question what we do, however if you surround yourself by other amazing mothers there is a network of friendship, counsel and support. As a mother creating your network is so important, we need support to help us parent. The motherhood is so special and I love being a part of it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a mum?

As a single parent I constantly had single mother guilt: working - my child had to go to school holiday programmes, after school care and the like; I always felt that I didn’t give my son enough attention as I had to do everything; he was an only child and I felt bad about that; did I read him enough stories?; did I listen to him….the list goes on. However, coming out the other side my incredible son George who is now 22 makes me so proud, he is an amazing human and I’m proud to call him my son….writing this I have tears on my eyes!

What's planned for 2022? What can we look out for? 

At the moment I’m working as “Food Producer” on the hit TV show “Eat Well for Less”, it’s been incredible helping lots of Kiwi families with their food journeys - this will go to air around July. I am finishing off a lifestyle book that I’m writing with my super talented brother Paul and COVID willing it will be out by the end of the year. I fill my days with lots of other food related jobs that pop up, I’m so lucky to have all these amazing opportunities.

If you had all the power in the world to do one thing what would it be?

Well that’s a no brainer, If I was a super hero I would want to be a Super Aunty that could go and help all mums that don’t have the skills I have; I’d love to teach them how to cook (on a budget) nourishing meals for their children, show them how to keep a healthy home and moreover encourage mothering. Being a Mum is the best thing….. end of story!!

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