Meet Hartygrnz

Meet Hartygrnz

Taryn sustainable food producer wearing hemp linen apron


Originally I reached out to Taryn from hartygrnz as a fellow women in business to hear her story as a mum with some of the obstacles we all face with the well known “mum juggle”.
What I love about Taryn's journey is her positive and supportive role she plays in her husband Matts dreams and ambitions. Often you hear about the women in business but what about the partnership duos, those silent investors aka husband, wife, family. They are all playing an active part in the success of any business. “Most of why I am in this juggle is to support my husband on his brave journey, but I find myself on my own journey alongside him."

Who would know from a simple “catchup with his homies” down at the skatepark introducing him to the topic of horticulture would lead on to this power couple starting their outstanding and scary journey in creating what we know as hartygrnz - the sustainable food producers.
What I loved about this open and honest chat with Taryn is she made me realise, if we all try to be the best version of ourselves and support the ones we love, we all win in some ways. Her dedication, love and support for her family shines through in their success. We are very lucky to have such a thriving business in our local community.
hartygrnz father and son gardening

You own your own business, fitting in time to study, work part time as a pharmacist, co host a local growers market in our community all whilst raising a beautiful human. How do you find the juggle?

 "It's been a constant battle of trying to find the equilibrium in life. For me its always been enjoyable, the challenges you know, that I get myself into. HAHAHAAH. I have always known that working smarter and harder you are in for a big treat. So I go through waves of hard work and good rewards. Most of why I am in this juggle is to support Matt (husband) on his brave journey, but I find myself on my own journey alongside him."  

I am a big fan of your microgreens. What led you and your whanau to create Hartygrnz? 

"Was a brave leap into the unknown for my husband Matt. This journey has become our journey now. But it is still mostly Matt's. I am responsible for a small portion of this mostly supporting and strategising. Matt's labour of love is really shining through the people he is attracting. Hartygrnz was born out of COVID19. Matt was working offshore prior to the pandemic and never really fell in love with the industry out there. While the pay cheque was incredible, the time away felt so pointless.  All he wanted to do was find a way to bow out respectfully. After having our son Spencer in 2018, one good evening at the local skate park with his homies, he was introduced to the topic of horticulture. He investigated and within a few months he was on his first course into the world of plants. He has not looked back. A few months into the training Matt decided that he wants to do it, he wants to be a market gardener. The only thing I could really do at this point is trust, believe and love him. I loved his enthusiasm for the art of growing and producing food. His eagerness to learn more and more each day excited me. I watched him 'nerd out' at this interest and I knew that this is real. So I supported his brave decision and we started brainstorming what the Okato community would need and what he was able to grow. Microgreens are an exciting crop to grow in the Taranaki climate. It keeps you on your toes. Creating and being an artist is admirable and outstanding and scary. So I try to be the best person for him, and then we all win in some way. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a mum?

Persevering at being present. 

What is planned for 2022? What can we look out for?

Vegebags, longer microgreen season, more herbs, more celery varieties!!! A bigger tunnel house, more chickens. So much going on. 

 If you had all the power in the world to do one thing what would it be? 

Teach the world about love and communication - how to use the two things to be a great human.  There is so many ways to love and to communicate. There is a lot of unnecessary hurt happening all around us and this need not be so.

What do you love most about motherhood?

 - I am not sure. There is so much going on and I wish I could watch it all. Right now I love that I have a buddy to hang with in the cold ocean. We love the beach, we beach as often as we can. So having my little guy tell me he likes cold water swims makes me super happy. hahahahha, if you can't convert them, just create your own army.

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