Introducing Sarah, Clean living educator.

Introducing Sarah, Clean living educator.

Introducing Sarah, Clean living educator.
The face behind popular blog Low Toxin Rabbit.
Sarah - Low toxin living, wearing Hemp linen apron in peach. Pregnant with number 3.
Sarah is a content creator, influencer and educator for all things that reflect  low toxin/ clean living. From educational posts & blogs to healthy and delicious recipes.
As well as creating Low Toxin Rabbit (see here). She is also raising three children under FIVE!!! I loved speaking to Sarah about motherhood, raising three under five whilst striving for a low toxin life.
By making clean living a normal part of every day life, Sarah managed to reverse an auto immune disease. Why wouldn't you want to share your secret with others. 
If you don't already follow Sarah with her clean living journey, jump over and show her some love. She is one mama to watch. 
Wearing our popular Hemp linen apron in Peach - pregnancy & breast feeding friendly.

It has been so lovely crossing paths with you.
Our values align on so many levels but what I love most is we often get lost in discussion around being a mum and raising children. I feel so lucky to have you in our fennel family.

Low toxin Rabbit is such an informative platform. I feel like I learn something new every day!

What lead you to create Low Toxin Rabbit?

After having reversed my autoimmune disease I wanted to shout from the roof tops what I had learnt and share it to help encourage others to understand more about what we put into our bodies. In the hope that others won’t end up where I did with my health.

What does ‘clean living” mean to you?

Minimising your exposure to unnecessary health harming chemicals that are found in our daily living from cleaning products to food and beyond. 

What do you love most about motherhood? 

Creating a loving nurturing environment that means my little people can be the best version of themselves. Not to mention the daily laughs and smiles. I have also loved meeting so many amazing Mums along my motherhood journey. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a mum?

Definitely the fingers prints on the glass left daily! But, no seriously my biggest challenge is actually me and working on myself to be a better Mum and breaking negative behaviours I learnt from growing up in a challenging environment. 

Apart from keeping three children under 5 thriving what is planned for 2022? What can we look out for?

There are a lot of people out there wanting to do a detox or follow a specific diet to improve their health but just don’t know how. Im really motivated to provide guidance to people on what worked for me in rebuilding my health, so expect some upcoming posts on that! 

We also have ambitious goals of doing more big nature walks and climbing mountains with our three littlies so expect to see some pictures of me looking very worn out! Among all this also snippets of Reno life 😆

What do you love most about fennel aprons? 

Firstly, Elise Mum extraordinaire behind Fennel 😜! Secondly, Fennel Aprons make you feel like a well put together cook whilst also still looking after your health, people and our environment. 

If you had all the power in the world to do one thing what would it be?

Change the world to a place where people not only stopped taking in toxins and poisons through their bodies but also into their mind. Where information is transparent and easily accessible free from bias so they make educated and informed decisions. 

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