Nana Monica's easy Focaccia Recipe.

Nana Monica's easy Focaccia Recipe.

Nana Monica's Focaccia Recipe.

This is simply the easiest bread recipe I know.

If you have ever hesitated when making bread from scratch I promise you, once you learn this recipe you will never look back.

I wish I could claim this recipe as my own. . . Or even from my own Nana. The truth about Nana Monicas recipe comes from a shared love of food. . . and the first ever Covid Lockdown when bread (and yeast for that matter) were in short supply and lets be honest, I was slightly anxious about our new way of living that had been sprung on us with little warning.

I put a shout out to my mama friends "who has the easiest bread recipe"?

Sharing food and recipes with the ones I love is what drives my love for the kitchen. The thing I love most about the idea of "sharing" is the sense of community it brings. That idea of walking in to the smell of freshly baked bread on an evening filled with laughter and effortless conversations. The kind of entertaining that is relaxed, intentional and thoughtful. Nothing says thoughtful like "I baked you some bread"!

Recipes are to be shared not to be squirrelled away as your "own". This beautiful recipe came from a dear friend of mine, it was passed down from her Nana (Monica). That kind of recipe that I can imagine was hand written in a book full of food smudged pages, because those are the best kind of recipe books!

This recipe is not only a favourite because it is simple - It is also versatile. Simply add your favourite toppings from garlic butter to feta & caramelised onion (personal favourite)

Full hearts and full bellies with this Recipe.

Simple Focaccia Recipe

- this can also be made in a food processor for those of you who want to take the hands off approach - 


1cup water (room temp)

1 tbs Yeast

1tbs Sugar

1Tbs Salt

2 1/2 Cup Organic Flour


Pre heat oven to 220 degrees.

Add Water, Yeast & Sugar to a food processor or bowl - mix and let sit for 2 minutes - ** fun fennel fact** The sugar helps yeast to activate.

Add Salt & flour. Process or knead for 10 minutes.

Cover and let sit for 30 mins or until doubled.

Knock down (processor) or knead  for 1 minute

Line or grease flat oven tray.

Roll out and rise for a further hour - Cover with your Fennel Hemp tea towel.

For topping:

While bread is resting combine a good drizzle of olive oil, roughly chop rosemary and garlic - combine & sit aside.

Before putting in the over cover your dough with the olive oil mixture and lightly sprinkle with sea salt.

Bake for 12 minutes or until golden.

(image - feta & caramelised onion)

Happy baking!



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