Hemp Linen Aprons

For those who love to create.

fennel creates practical & beautiful staples that will suit any individual brand & feel.

Mindfully made in New Zealand

Organic | Eco-tex | hemp linen

  • Make it your own

    We know each store/ team has a different requirement for what they need from our aprons. we use our expertise to create the right product to suit your need.
    we provide the highest quality custom design, made in the most ethical and eco-friendly way.

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  • Mo to tatou whenua | For our Planet

    We strongly believe in using only Natural fibres. We strive to source fabrics that will give back to the earth as they biodegrade after the life of the garment.

    Our Fabrics 
  • Made in New Zealand

    With a strong ethos around supporting the local industry in New Zealand as well as our environment.
    All our aprons are sewn in New Zealand
    by our team of passionate and experienced machinists.

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For our mini creator. Weather it be in the kitchen, garden or... 



Our hardest-working kitchen staples in one place using our hero fibre 100% hemp. Fennel... 

Make it your own

We are specialists in designing garments or products that suit your individual brand and feel.

Anything is possible.

We love to innovate and deliver leading-edge customisation and design.

Simply start with a current fennel design or make it your own.

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Fostering the love of food.



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